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Project Quest | by Bluestem

Bluestem Biosciences

Bluestem Biosciences

Omaha, NE, USA · Remote
Posted on Monday, February 26, 2024

Job Description

Posted on:

February 3, 2024


Welcome to Bluestem Biosciences, a decarbonized chemicals company using renewable feedstocks to biomanufacture commodity chemicals in the Midwest. Bluestem’s decarbonized anaerobic chemical platform will positively impact sustainability, agricultural economies, and domestic supply chains.

We're excited to introduce you to Project Quest, our work-learn program designed to offer hands-on experience in industrial biotechnology while evaluating mutual fit between the individual and prospective careers within our company.

Why Project Quest?

Mutual Exploration: Project Quest isn't just about work; it's an opportunity for both you and Bluestem Biosciences to explore a potential future together. We believe in a two-way street, where you gain valuable experience with Bluestem and we discover new talent.

Real-World Impact: Contribute to projects that deliver tangible advancements in industrial biotechnology and climate action, playing a key role in driving the economic prosperity and development of the bioeconomy sector in the Midwest.

Professional Development: Gain industry-relevant skills and knowledge in a cutting-edge field, enhancing your career prospects and professional network.

Monthly Stipend: We value your time and commitment. Project Quest offers a monthly stipend to support you during your program.

Program Structure

Commitment: This 3-month program requires a dedication of specific hours each week, offering a balance of work, team-engagement, and personal growth. Key deliverables will be assigned during the term.

Onboarding: Begin with an introduction to our thesis and approach to bio-based chemicals and our thoughtful organizational structure and cultural principles. Then dive in with your sponsor on the background information specific to projects and background information.

Project Deliverables: Work on projects that directly contribute to Bluestem's mission, such as developing bio-based chemical markets, downstream separation processes, computational biology tools, or strain engineering strategies. With clear scope and deliverables, we set you up for success!

Evaluation & Feedback: Receive continuous support and feedback from a dedicated sponsor/manager, ensuring a productive learning experience.

Visit to Bluetem HQ: A 1-2 day visit to Bluestem's HQ (Omaha) for on-site work, brainstorming sessions, and meetings with the Bluestem leadership team. It's designed to facilitate direct engagement with our core team, and immerse you in Bluestem's dynamic work environment.

Benefits of Joining

Growth: Gain an in-depth understanding of Bluestem's thesis, the intricacies of Midwest agriculture, and the bioeconomy. Benefit from the wealth of institutional and industrial knowledge Bluestem has to offer.

Networking: Connect with Bluestem's first-class advisory network and strategic partners, offering invaluable exposure to industry leaders and innovators. Build relationships within our remote-first team, complemented by in-person meetups in Omaha, NE, fostering collaboration and creativity.

Career Opportunities: Successful participants may find career paths within Bluestem, with potential roles explored throughout the program.

Company Culture: Experience a culture that values candor, accountability, teamwork, innovation, and a commitment to diversity and equal opportunity. Thrive in an environment that champions psychological safety, respecting each team member’s unique contributions and background.

Application Process

How to Apply: Submit your resume and cover letter to Demonstrate your potential and alignment with our values and mission.

Selection Criteria: We're looking for individuals with a passion for innovation, a drive for learning, and a commitment to contributing to our team and mission. All experience levels are welcome to apply, entry-level to executive management.Who Should Apply: This program is open to a variety of candidates levels and experiences with relevant scientific graduate programs, as well as mid-career professionals considering a career change. If you're eager to explore opportunities in biotechnology and are passionate about making a difference in industrial biotech and climate impact, we encourage you to apply.